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Case Studies

Tanner Chidester

$0 to 7-Figures in 12 Months

$12,500 His First Week

Before working with Nico, Tanner was struggling to make any real money online and was stuck at a plateau.

We helped him create a simplified Lead Generation and Appointment booking system and provided top-notch coaching, allowing him to scale his program rapidly and get new, high paying clients every single week!

“Working with Nico has been extremely helpful for me business. He really is an expert at what he does, and he's down to earth and has a good heart. If you're on the fence - do it. He helped me make $1 Million dollars in 12 months, so if you want results like that - Nico's the guy for you.”

18 months after working together, Tanner had scaled his business to over $500K/month.

Mason VanMeter

$18,000 His First 3-Weeks

$100K+ Per Month in 6 Months

Before working with Nico, Mason was spending way too much time growing his business, and getting too little reward.

We helped him create an automated Lead Generation and Appointment booking system and provided customized coaching, allowing him to scale his income quickly, while streamlining and cutting down his hours worked significantly.

“Nico's stuff just works REALLY well - and it's SIMPLE. And the guy cares - he really, really cares. The proof is in the pudding: I've made $18,000 cash in 3 weeks. If you're on the fence and you want great results - just join. I would have paid him whatever he asked”

6 months after completing our program, Mason his now making $25,000 per week selling his online program!

Jimmy Carter

$50,000 In 3 Weeks

Before working with Nico, Jimmy had been struggling to sell his coaching program with Webinars. After 1 year, he had only made 1 sale!

We helped him create a SIMPLE launch process to sell his coaching program, and helped him raise his prices significantly. Within his first 3 weeks of following the blueprint we laid out for him, Jimmy made $50,000 cash collected - all without ads or webinars.

“Nico's program is simple. That doesn't mean you don't have to work for it - but my mindset when joining was "just put me in coach! Just tell me what to do, and I'll do it!” If you want someone who cares about your success to just finally tell you what to do to have your breakthrough- Nico is your guy."

Ashley G.

$21,000 Her First Month

Before working with Nico, Ashley was a stay at home mom who had been wanting to start her coaching program for 12 months, but never did, because she didn't have a plan!

We helped her create a SIMPLE launch plan to create, package, and launch her new coaching program within 3 days, and in her first month, Ashley made $20,000 cash!

“Having this reliable source of income has been a complete gamechanger for me! It gives me so much peace of mind, and allows me to have so much less stress in my life - plus, I'm living out my dreams, and helping my clients achieve their dreams too!”

At this rate, Ashley is on track to hit $250,000/year with her new Coaching business!

Krystian Sarzinsky

$40,000 His first 2 Weeks

$80,000 His first 45 Days

Before working with Nico, Krystian was a highly-skilled health coach, but was struggling with getting new clients online.

We helped him create an automated Lead Generation and Appointment booking system and provided top-notch coaching, allowing him to scale his program rapidly and get new, high paying clients every single week!

“The initial gameplan call with Nico was full of clarity - and within the first 2 weeks, I had signed 6 new clients. Even crazier - I was on vacation in Sweden during that time too! Nico is a true expert, and his information just works.”

After 6 months of working together, Krystian grew his business up to $25,000/week!

David B.

$0 to $52,000/month in 6-Months

Before working with Nico, David had been trying for YEARS to make any money online. He was deeply in debt, had been struggling with so many other online business models.

We helped him learn to use Chatbots and create a simple, automated way to sell products online. Within a few months, he went from complete 0, to making $5,000/month passive with Chatbots. Then, a few months later, he grew this to $52,000/month!

“Nico completely changed my life. He believed in me, he was patient with me, and he was there for me in a time of need in my life. I tried and struggled with so many things, and with Nico's Chatbot system and his coaching, I was able to generate my first $100,000 online, get out of debt, buy my dream house, and grow my business to over $50,000/month. Nico, you changed my life and I'm forever grateful to you.”

Tamara T.

$30,000 to $300K/month

Before working with Nico, Tamara was selling her online course with a Webinar funnel. But, she quickly realized she was getting stuck and unable to scale further past $30,000/month.

After changing to a sales-call process and raising her course price, we helped her create an automated Appointment booking system and provided top-notch coaching, allowing her to scale to $300,000 per month while eliminating stress and having less employees and headaches!

“What I love about the Chatbot is it's 100% automated, it doesn't need a salary, time off, and doesn't need training. It talks to my leads and customers 24/7 all around the clock, and generates sales calls automatically. If you want to hit the next level of scale in your business, THIS is the system for you. ”

Become Nico's Next Success Story!

More Testimonials

Become Nico's Next Success Story!

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